Both Inter and AC Milan place bids for Tottenham star

Both Inter and AC Milan place bids for Tottenham star

Both Inter and AC Milan place bids for Tottenham starlet Harry Kane. The Spurs are looking for a new striker, and the club is ready to pay a lot for the player. The club has already offered a large amount of money for the young player.
The player’s contract is due to expire in 2020, and it is worth noting that the club has not yet made a decision on whether to renew it. If the club does not renew the contract, then the player will have to leave the club.
However, the club can pay a high price for the transfer. The player is a very good player, who can be a good replacement for Kane.
Inter and ACF are ready to make a high bid for the Spurs player. In the last season, the player scored a lot of goals, and he is a good addition to the team.

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This season, Inter has a lot to prove. The team has already won the Europa League, and now it is ready for the fight for the title. The main contenders for the victory are:
* Juventus;
* Napoli;
* Atalanta.
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Juventus’ chances of winning the title
The season of the Champions League has come to an end, and Juventus has won the title for the second time. This time, the team of Antonio Conte has managed to win the tournament. The previous season, Juventus was defeated by Manchester City in the final.
In the new season, it is the same team that has won. The players of the team are in excellent shape, and they have already managed to qualify for the next stage of the tournament, the Europa Cup. The Champions League is a competition that is extremely difficult, and this time the team has a good chance of winning it.
At the moment, the main contenders of winning are: Barcelona, PSG, and Liverpool. However, the latter is not the only team that can compete with the Bianco Neri.
Barcelona has a very strong squad, and many of its players have already won trophies. The Catalans have a good lineup, which can be very effective in the Champions Cup.
Liverpool is one of the main favorites of the season, but it is not easy to win in the long tournament distance. The Reds have a very difficult schedule, and in the current season they have to fight against:
• Manchester United;
• “Manchester City”;
If the team wins the Europa, then it will be able to win gold medals in all competitions. The victory in the Europa would be a great result for the club, and would be another step towards the title of the best European club. Fans of the club will be very happy with the result of the victory in this tournament.
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The Champions League final is very important for the team, because it will play against the winner of the Europa. The final of the competition is held in May, and there is a lot at stake for the fans. The teams have to play against each other, and if the team fails to do so, then its chances of getting into the next round of the playoffs will be lost.
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One of the most interesting matches of this season is the Champions league final. The game between Juventus and Liverpool is one that will be remembered for a long time. The fans of the teams have already seen the results, and both teams are confident enough to win.
It is very difficult to predict the winner in the last round, because the teams will play in a very tough group, where the following teams can be distinguished:
1. Barcelona;
2. “PSG” (although the Parisians have already lost to the Catalans, they are still a serious contender);
3. Real Madrid.
Of course, the teams that are in the group with the strongest players will win. The competition in the tournament is extremely intense, and no one can afford to lose points.
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EPL fixtures for the new year
The new season of English football is in the offing, and its main competitors are: Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.

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