How can Manchester City celebrate their title win?

How can Manchester City celebrate their title win?

Manchester City have won the Premier League for the second time in a row, and the Citizens have already managed to take the title back to their city. The Citizens have a comfortable lead in the fight for the title, and it is now up to the team to defend their title.
However, the Citizens still have a long way to go in order to win the title. The team needs to strengthen its defense, and this can be done by signing a number of players.
This summer, the club signed the following players:
* Yaya Toure;
* Nicolas Hernández;

* Kevin De Bruyne.
The signing of the latter player is especially interesting, as he is the most expensive signing of a new contract in the history of the club. The cost of the contract is approximately €100 million, which is a huge amount for a player who is already a key player for the club and has already won the Champions League.

The club is now looking for a number 2, and they are looking for someone who can be able to replace the player who left the club, and who will become a key member of the squad.
What are the main advantages of signing De Bruye?
The main advantage of signing the player is the fact that he is a key defender for the team. The player is able to cover the positions of the center-backs, and he has already shown that he can do this.
In addition, the player has already managed not to get injured, which means that he will not miss any matches. The main advantage is that he has a contract, and so he will be able not to leave the club in the future.
It is important to note that the cost of his contract is not the only advantage of the signing of De Bruke. The signing of this player also allows the club to strengthen the defense of the team, which will be very important in the long run.
Will the signing help the club win the Champions league?
It has been a long time since the Citizens won the champion title. However, this season, the team has managed to win all the matches it has played in the Champions tournament, which shows that the club has a lot of potential.
One of the main problems of the Citizens is the lack of a number 1. However the club is looking for such a player, and one of the candidates is De Bruy.
Of course, the signing is not a guarantee that the team will win the champion, but it is a good start, and now the team needs time to strengthen their defense.
Do you think the signing will help the team win the next season?
Yes, it is possible that the signing De Bure will help to win in the next championship. The club needs to improve its defense in order not to lose points in matches, and De Bruue can be that player.
Also, the cost for the contract of the player will be low, and many clubs are interested in signing him.
How can the club get a number 3?
This season, it has been very difficult for the Citizens to get a place in the top 4. The reason for this is the weak defense of City, which has led to the fact the team does not have a good chance of winning the champion.
If the club wants to get into the top-4, it needs to solve this problem, and that is why the club needs a number three.
There are a lot options for the number 3 position, and most of them are not very expensive. One of them is the signing by the club of De Buro. The contract cost is approximately 100 million.
Is it possible to get the contract for De Buru?
Of the options for getting the contract, the most interesting are the following:
1. A loan. The loan is a loan that can be used for the purchase of a player. The price of the loan is approximately 15 million. The amount of the payment is paid in the form of a percentage of the profit from the sale of the purchased player. This option is very interesting, because it allows the team not to buy a new player, but to get rid of him. This is very important, because the club does not want to spend too much money on a new signing.
2. A buy-out. This can be a buy-back option, and in this case, the price of a contract is 100 million, and if the player leaves the club for another club, the contract will be canceled.
3. A free transfer. This means that the player can leave the team at any time, and his contract will not be canceled, but the club will pay the cost.
4. A new contract.
5. A transfer.
All these options can be considered, and all of them can be very interesting for the fans.
Who will be the main contenders for the position of the number 1?
In the current season, there are a number players who are considered as the main candidates for the place in City’s lineup.

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