The best of Ronaldo’s goal celebrations

The best of Ronaldo’s goal celebrations

The Portuguese has already become a legend in the world of football, and his goals are always a sensation. In the past, it was the goal of the Real Madrid that was the most talked about, but the latest one is the goal that Ronaldo scored in the Champions League final.
The goal was scored by the Portuguese at the 89th minute of the match, and it was a brilliant goal. It was a beautiful ball that the Real goalkeeper could not stop. The ball was kicked to Ronaldo, who quickly scored a goal.
However, the goal was not the only one that Ronaldo managed to score. He also managed to make a brilliant save in the 89 minute, and the goal scorer also scored a second goal. This goal was also a brilliant one, because it was not only a goal, but also a save.
This is the best of the best moments from the Champions league final. The goal of Ronaldo was the best, but there were also other great moments from him.

The best moments of the Champions final
The most talked-about goal of Real Madrid was the one that the Portuguese scored in a match against Juventus. The match ended in a draw, and Ronaldo scored a great goal. The Juventus players were not pleased with the result, and they did not show their best game.
It was a great game, and there were a lot of goals scored. The most famous of them was the ball that Ronaldo kicked to the goal. However, the ball was not in the perfect position, and a lot was lost in the goal area.
Real Madrid had a lot to do, and this is why the goal scored by Ronaldo was so great. It is worth noting that the goal did not come from the goalkeeper, but from Ronaldo himself. The Portuguese scored the goal with a beautiful kick, and then he shot the ball with a perfect finish.
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Football scores today
The football scores today are always interesting, and you can always follow them on the sports statistics website. Here you will always find a lot that is interesting for you.
One of the most popular football scores is the one of the Manchester United against Chelsea. The two teams met in the Old Trafford stadium, and both teams played really well.
Manchester United had a great start of the game, but Chelsea was able to take advantage of this. The team of Jose Mourinho was able not to let their opponents get into the game. The result of the confrontation was a draw.
In the second half, the score was 1:0 for Chelsea, but it was obvious that the score could have been even higher. The game ended with a score of 1:1.
Chelsea had a good start of their match, but United was able take advantage. The main goal of Mourinho’s team was the first one, and their opponent was not able to get a foothold in the game and win.
There were a few moments of great football, but in the end, the game ended in an extremely tense and interesting match.
All soccer results today
You will always be able to find the soccer results of the matches of the United against the Chelsea on the site of sports results. The site of the sports results is a great place to find all the information about today’s football matches.
At the start of this match, the Chelsea players were really nervous. They were not able at all to get into a good rhythm, and as a result, they lost the first goal. In addition, the team was not at its best, and Mourinho’s players were able to make the game even more interesting.
After the first half, it became obvious that Mourinho’s men had a chance to win the match. The Chelsea players started to play better, and soon they were able not only to get the first ball, but they also scored several goals.
Soon, the match was over, and United was the winner. The score was 2:1, and in the second match, Mourinho’s squad lost to Liverpool.
Liverpool had a really good start, and even though they were not at their best, they managed to get several goals in a row. However in the last minutes of the first match, Liverpool lost the match and was kicked out of the tournament.
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Live football scores
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On the website, you can find the results, the schedules, as a lot more. The website of the soccer live is a good place to keep track of all the important information.
Today, the football live scores are really interesting, because there are a lot not only about the matches, but about other sports as well. For example, you should always keep an eye on the tennis live scores.
If you are interested in the results and the schedule, you need to go to the website.

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