Tottenham star pens new contract until 2020

Tottenham star pens new contract until 2020

The Spurs have been in the Champions League for a long time, and the team has long been considered a contender for the title. However, the team’s results have been disappointing, and it is now clear that the team needs to do more to win the coveted trophy.
In order to do this, the club needs to strengthen its lineup, which is why Mauricio Pochettino has decided to sign a new contract. The Argentine coach has already managed to strengthen the lineup of the team, and now it is time for him to strengthen his position further.
The new contract will allow Pochettano to do his best in the current season, and he will be able to do so thanks to the following:
1. Excellent selection of players. The Spurs have a good selection of attacking players, which allows the coach to rotate the lineup and make the most of the strengths of each player.
2. Good teamwork. The team has a good understanding of each other, which helps to achieve results.
3. Motivation. The club has been in a poor position for a while, and this is the reason why the team is in such a good shape.
This season, the Spurs will have to fight for the champion title, which will be very difficult, but the team will surely be able win it.

Live Results of Football Matches
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What to expect from the Champions league final
The Champions League final will be held on May 13, and many fans are expecting to see a lot from their favorite team. The following teams are among the favorites of the tournament:
• Manchester City
• Liverpool; and
• Barcelona.
It is worth noting that the Citizens are the current champion, and their victory in the league and the Champions Cup have already been recognized by the club.
Barcelona is considered to be the most likely contender for winning the trophy. The Catalans have been the main contender for a few seasons now, and if they continue to do their best, they will be the main favorites of this season.
They have a number of players who are considered to have the potential to become the main stars of the club:
· Lionel Messi;
· ​​Gareth Bale;
• ​​Cesc Fabregas;
​ ​ ​ ​​ ​​and ​ ​· ​ ​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​
· Sergio Busquets.
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How to watch live football today?
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