Transfers: Why Bayern Munich are interested in Chelsea’s Alonso

Transfers: Why Bayern Munich are interested in Chelsea’s Alonso

Bayern Munich are keen to strengthen their midfield, and they are also looking to sign a new striker. This summer, the team has strengthened its line-up, which now includes:
* Lukas Podolski;
* Robert Lewandowski;
• Javi Martinez;
· Thomas Muller.
All of them are able to provide the team with the necessary stability and a good level of performance.
Bayanyahu Munich are also interested in the future of Eden Hazard, who is currently on loan at Chelsea. The Belgian is still a good player, but he needs to be strengthened.
The club is also interested not only in the Belgian, but also in the young German, who has already managed to become a key player for the team.

However, the club will have to pay a price for this, because it is the transfer budget that is the main obstacle to the successful signing of the player.
However the club has recently managed to significantly reduce the cost of transfers, and the latest news is that it is possible to buy the player for as little as 5 million euros.
This is a very good price, because the player is a key member of the team, who can also be used in the summer.
It is also worth noting that the club is not going to be able to buy a new goalkeeper, as it already has one in the form of Lukas Klinsmann.
In addition, the player has a contract with Chelsea that ends in 2020, and he will be able, in the next season, to leave the Blues.
So, the latest information on the player’s future is very interesting, and it is also possible that the player will be sold to another team. However, it is worth noting the fact that the price of the transfer is so low, so the club can be sure that it will not be able pay for the player, as well as for the cost.
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Main Transfer News of the Season
The latest news on Bayern Munich’ transfer is also interesting, as the club wants to strengthen its midfield.
Now, the main player of the club, who will be transferred to the club for a very low price, is LukasPodolski.
At the beginning of the season, the young player was already able to show his quality, and this is why he is now considered one of the main players of the Bayern Munich team. The club has already paid 5 million for him, and now the price is even lower.
He has already signed a contract, which will end in 2020.
Despite the fact, that the young midfielder is still very young, he is already able, thanks to his experience, to be a key part of the squad.
Also, the price for him is very low, which is why the club does not have to spend a lot on the transfer.
Another important player of Bayern Munich is JaviMartinez.
For a long time, the Spanish player was a key figure of the Spanish team, and after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, he became one of its main players.
After the departure, Martinez became a key person of the Chelsea, and for this reason, the English club is interested in him.
Moreover, the cost for the transfer of the midfielder is very modest, so it is not necessary to spend much on the acquisition.
Javi Martinez is a good footballer, who also has a good contract with the club.
Therefore, the Chelsea will not have a problem in paying the transfer fee, because they will not need to buy another player. In addition, they will be sure to get a good midfielder, who they will then be able use in the team for a long period of time.
Next Transfer News for Chelsea
The team is also very interested in EdenHazard.
Hazard is a young player who is still able to become one of key players of a team. At the beginning, the Belgian was already a key participant of the attack of the Blues, but now the club needs to strengthen the line-ups, and Hazard is a perfect candidate for this.
Chelsea also wants to sign the young Spanish player, who was recently able to score a few goals for the club in the Premier League.
If the club decides to buy Hazard, it will be necessary to pay the transfer cost, because he is not a free agent.
Thus, the transfer will be a good one for the Blues and for the future, because Hazard is able to help the team in the transfer window.
There are also rumors about the transfer, but the price paid for the acquisition is so small, that it can be guaranteed that the team will not spend a large sum on the purchase.
That is why it is very important to follow the transfer news of the English Premier League, because there are many interesting transfers in the near future.
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Latest news on other teams
The other team of the London Chelsea is Manchester City. The team is interested not in the goalkeeper, but in the midfielder, as they want to strengthen a line- up.
Manchester City is also in great need of a new midfielder, because now the team is very weak in the attack.

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