Why Spurs must get rid of this player in January

Why Spurs must get rid of this player in January

The start of the new season of the Premier League is already a real treat for fans. The competition is especially intense, and the main favorites are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
• Tottenham.
The latter is a real surprise, as the team has been in disarray for a long time. It is now in a position to fight for the title, and it is already showing its best game.
However, the Spurs are not the only team that needs to get rid from its rivals. The main task of the team is to win the Champions League.
In the English Premier League, the teams that are fighting for the championship are: Manchester United; Chelsea; Arsenal; Liverpool; Tottenham. The latter is especially interesting, as it has the following players:
1. Christian Eriksen;
2. Toby Alderweireld;
3. Moussa Dembele.
All of them are able to make a real impact on the results of the club. The team of Mauricio Pochettino is really strong, and this is clearly visible in the results.
It is especially important to note that the team of Jose Mourinho is not very strong. It doesn’t have a good selection of players, and many of them have already left the team.

The Spurs have a long bench, which allows them to use all the players at once. This is a good strategy, as in the long tournament distance, it is important to have a reserve.
This summer, the team bought a number of players from the Spanish championship. It was a good decision, as many of the players have already played in the Premier league. The most important of them is:
· “Lionel Messi”;
· “Gonzalo Higuaín”.
Both players are able not only to score goals, but also to distribute the ball and make the team’s play more effective.
As for the rest of the transfers, the following signings were made:
• Christian Eikenberg;

• “Roma” midfielder;
“Tottenham” defender.
These players are already able to help the team in the fight for gold medals.
Now, the fans can watch the matches of the Spurs in full, and they will see that the club is not only a contender for the champion title, but it is also a real contender for a place in the Champions league zone.
You can always follow the results and the development of events in the English championship on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the latest information about the matches and the results from the Premier and Championship.
Football results of matches of Tottenham and other teams
The new season has already started, and fans can already see the results on the football results website. The season is really intense, as teams fight for a lot of gold medals, and there is a lot to choose from.
One of the main contenders for the gold medals is Tottenham, which is a team that has been on the top for a number years. The fans of the London team are very fond of the young players, who are able show their maximum in the field.
Of course, the main favorite of the season is the Spurs. They have a number players who can really help them in the struggle for gold. Among the main competitors of the Tottenham are: Liverpool; Manchester City, and Chelsea.
After the start of a new season, it’ll be really interesting to watch the results, as there is no doubt that the main teams will fight for their places in the top 4.
If you want to follow the latest football results, you can always visit the sports results website, where you will be able to find the data from all over the world.
Latest football results of Tottenham
The team of Pochettion is really good at the start, and now it is really interesting for fans to watch its results. The Spurs have many players who are ready to give their all to the team, and if they are not able to do their best, they can always be replaced.
Among the main players of the Pochettin team are: Harry Kane; Christian Eidsen; Toby Anderweirelder; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang; and Kane, Anderwes, Aubamegy, and Dembelez are the main leaders of the squad.
Many of them can make a really big impact on their team”s results. Now, the Tottenham team is really well-coordinated, and its game is really effective. The players are really able to distribute and make their own game. This really helps them to win gold medals in the championship.
At the same time, the players of Pochetin are also able to play in the Europa League. This season, the club will try to get into the Champions Cup, and in the next season, they will try for the Europa league.
Fans can follow the Tottenham’ football results on our sports statistics platform. Here they will find all the information about matches, as well as the latest news from the team and its competitors.
Live football scores and results of all matches
The season of English football has already ended, and we can see the final results on sports statistics site.

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